How to Close All Open Apps on Mac with a Single Click

We will all agree that Apple’s computers, both laptops, and desktops, are the best in terms of anything in the environment and work environment, whether due to fluidity, effectiveness, and fewer problems than the competition when it comes to working.

Close All Open Apps on Mac

As many of us use macOS throughout the day for the aforementioned, we are leaving many windows and applications in the background open that consume resources, but today we are going to teach you a trick to close all your apps in a single click in addition to the ones you we have given on another occasion.

Going one by one is over

As the title says, today we are going to “make” a program, so to speak, native, since nothing has to be installed, which will allow us to close everything in a second without having to do it manually. Thanks to our colleagues from HowToGeek, we can teach you this simple tutorial so that you can also apply it on your own Mac, we also leave you here other methods that may interest you.

To begin we will have to find and open the “Automator” program, we can do it in a conventional way or we can also press: Command + space bar to open the menu where it will appear.

Once inside we click on the top bar where it says “File”, then and within the same box that displays we will continue with “New”, we can also activate this by pressing Command + N.

close all open apps on your Mac with one click

Again we will see a window that will say “choose a type for your document”, we click on “Application” and then click on the bottom right. When we have done this, the main Automator application will open and in the upper left corner we will select “Actions”, then we will click where it says “Actions” once more and we will click “Remove all applications”

Now we can configure this new extension that we have created semi-natively, by calling it in some way. Giving it once more in “Remove all applications” in the right section of the Automator window, we activate where it says “ask to save changes” if we want that when using this new tool it warns us of the type in case we forget to finish something, save it and so on.

We can also add in another section called “Do not close” those programs that we want to add to the filter so that, even if we click the magic click afterward, they do not go away with the others and remain open, we will do this by clicking the “Add” button.

When we have finished choosing all the apps and we are done, we return to the top bar where it says “File” and we click “Save …”, in the pop-up window that appears, we will click on “save as “and we will put the name that we want to the tool in question. Then we click “save” again and we will have our new application on the desktop to use whenever we want. This is just another “hidden” function that macOS has, here are some more.

GreatPeople.Me Login to Kroger Employee Portal from Kroger offers all the data identified with their work. is a site related to Kroger inc for its workers to find out about what’s going on at the organization. Every one of the partners of Kroger can have their entrance to this site to think about the work news and updates at Kroger.

Mainly, Kroger utilizes the most recent item express hr to deal with their enrolling work process framework for its representatives. Express and greatpeople are two distinct gateways uncommonly devoted to its partners. In express hr entry, individuals can enroll for any positions at Kroger while at greatpeople entryway it’s extraordinary.

GreatPeople.Me Kroger Employee Portal

There are many features, information, and tools on the GreatPeople.Me employee portal. Users can also experience easy procedures to access their important information regarding the company they work for. The portal of GreatPeople.Me have many features including:

  • Work schedule for associates.
  • Work schedule for every employee.
  • Marketing information that is being offered by Kroger company.
  • Benefits and perks of every job in the Kroger Company.
  • Employee’s benefits and perks, including insurance.
  • Employee’s personal information and account details.
  • Employee email of Kroger team members.
  • Working hours and shift schedules.
  • Detailed compensation for every employee.
  • The emergency contacts of employees.
  • Employee’s text documents.
  • Employee’s banking information.
  • Kroger employees account for payroll.

The portal of GreatPeople.Me is a secure website that can be accessed by employees of Kroger as well as the employees of the company’s subsidiaries. The subsidiaries include Fred Meyer, Dillions, Harris Teeter, Food 4 less, City Market, and many more. Every employee of those brands will be able to use the portal to check their accounts.

GreatPeople.Me Login Step By Step Guide

Follow the below mentioned step-by-step process to login to your Kroger Account successfully.


  • First of all, visit the GreatPeopleMe login official website
  • Now, please enter the Enterprise User ID and Password in the provided empty text field.
  • After that, please click on the “Sign In” button.
  • You will enter your account successfully.
  • Now, you can access all the features available for you.

Benefits of GreatPeople.Me Login

Check out the Kroger Login benefits:

  • Employees can get the most current reports about business news.
  • Last, however, not least, Kroger Employees may stay fully informed about the most current organization proposes.
  • Get an update on the most current organizational events.
  • You can see the calendar.
  • They can likewise edit their account settings. It will be perfect if you protect the User ID and Password as you are not allowed to impart your login Credentials to any third individual.

How To Promote More Sustainable Mobile Phones

The industry takes a step towards a more sustainable future after the announcement by large groups of European operators, among which is Telefónica, of a new common Eco-Rating seal to inform customers about the environmental impact of the mobiles they buy. And, although this seal had been around for a long time, it has now been updated to offer more detailed and easy-to-understand information.

sustainable mobile phones

In this process, the operators have formed a working group to review how to calculate the environmental impact of mobile phones, also counting on the support of expert entities in product life cycle analysis and informing the European Commission, the GSMA, and mobile phone manufacturers. In addition, the initiative is open to other operators and manufacturers, and in fact, there are already operators, both from Europe and the rest of the world, determined to be part of this initiative.

How will the information be displayed with the Eco Rating Seal?

In addition to the technical information for each phone, a label will be displayed with a score out of 100 and five categories that indicate the environmental performance of the equipment in different aspects. Here there will be no numerical scores, if not bar graphs, and the fuller the bar, the better the phone will perform in that category.

What does each category mean?

Within the Eco Rating Seal label you can find different factors that tell you what each mobile phone is like based on a series of factors:

  • Durability: How does it resist bumps and scratches? Does the battery last long enough? Do you have any additional guarantee than the usual one?
  • Repairability: is it easy to fix if something breaks? Do you have frequent updates?
  • Recyclability: is it easy to separate your components for proper recycling?
  • Climate efficiency: have you tried to minimize greenhouse gas emissions when producing, transporting, and using the phone?
  • Efficient use of resources: using raw materials more efficiently will reduce the environmental impact.

With this initiative, it will be easier to choose phones that are more respectful of the environment and promote the reduction of the ecological impact from its design.

How to Pay Medical Bills on Peryourhealth

PerYourHealth is a web website for creating your insurance payments. Enroll in a peryourhealth member account by entering your registered user ID number or just entering your account number at the portal at this technique is to be employed by authorized users only and may be wont to make payments or view and track your personal account.

peryourhealth site

If you would like to understand more about the Peryourhealth login, then you’re within the right place. Read the subsequent article completely so as to urge a transparent picture of Peryourhealth. Today, with the assistance of this text we are getting to share the tactic, login process, then on about Peryourhealth.

How to Register at Peryourhealth Portal

  • First, visit the official website. you’ll see a homepage will appear.
  • There you’ll see a login option. Click thereon.
  • Now you’ll be required a registered id. you’ll see it on the invoice you’ve got to pay. otherwise, you can enter your account number written on the billing statement if you’re a replacement user. this may help to collect all of your information.
  • Enter that number and click on on the continue button.
  • Now you’ve got to ask to enter your email id. confirm you enter the right mail and telephone number and password. Now you’ll receive a verification code.
  • Now click on submit. you’ll see your dashboard.

Requirements to use PerYourHealth

Any service needs you to satisfy certain conditions. you’ve got to follow the given below requirements.

  • Users got to be 18+ to utilize the service.
  • Your health claims will work only with partner hospitals of the insurance firm.
  • It requires you to enter the private account details.
  • You can check-in through mobile or email.
  • As a replacement user, you would like to possess a lively internet connection on your phone or PC.

Online Bill Payment at Peryourhealth Portal

Prior to the beginningyou want to have some basic items to try to payment. you ought to have an email ID, valid bill statement by the hospital, or medical providers who accept payment per your health. Follow the step-by-step process to pay your online bills.

peryourhealth insurance

  • At first, you would like to attach your computing system to the web.
  • Now, you’ve got to open the online browser.
  • Then, you’ve got to verify that the hospital will accept all the payments through Peryourhealth.
  • You’ll need to access
  • After that, you would like to seek out the login option, which might appear top right corner of the homepage.
  • Now, you’ve got to continue the login option button
  • Then, you’ll require a registered ID or peryourhealth access key.
  • Now, log in together with your registration Id and password.
  • After that, pay your doctor’s bill and take the printout of it for further reference.
  • Besides this, whenever you’ve got to make a replacement account, you need an email id and also a mobile number. This helps you in paying your bills and on time.

How to Download YouTube Videos For Free

Among the most viewed content these days on our devices, there are certain videos. Thanks also to platforms designed ad-hoc for the use of films and music videos, the boom in sharing clips of all kinds is now a well-established reality.

Download YouTube Videos For Free

One of the most popular services in this sense is certainly YouTube, the famous video sharing portal acquired by Google a few years ago. It is one of the most popular online because it is easy to use but also because it allows those who upload videos online to make money with YouTube.

Sometimes it can be useful to download music from YouTube or movies, although the service does not allow it directly (and at least not for free) to sing Karaoke with YouTube in the absence of an internet connection. Or to download a video so dear to us to review it directly from the smartphone photo library.

How to download YouTube videos to MP4 for free without using programs

One of the easiest and fastest ways to download videos from YouTube is to use an MP4 Converter present in one of the many free YouTube converters present online; it is a particularly recommended solution for those who do not want to further occupy the memory of their devices. Using a YouTube to MP4 video file converter it will be possible to download the video file directly to your device. With some of these services, it will also be possible to download videos from Facebook.

Download Videos from YouTube

So here are the best sites to download YouTube videos.

tube: it is one of the best online services to download videos from YouTube. The operation is really simple; just paste the video URL and choose the format.
Finally, click on OK, wait for the process to be completed, and finally select the Download item.
Loader. to: is a site that allows you to download videos from the internet from various platforms around the web. Loader. to is free and requires no registration.
The use is similar to what we saw for nanotube: just copy the URL of the video you are interested in (corresponding to the link in the address bar) and paste it on the Loader. to homepage; then you just have to choose between different extensions available (eg. MP4, WEBM also in 4K and 8K) and click on Download.

Finally, wait for the video to be processed and click on Download again. As you can count, with this tool it is also possible to download music using the integrated MP3 Converter.

Using YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a service developed by Google itself, although it is not a free feature (but you can test it for free for a limited time using the free trial ).
In fact, by subscribing to the YouTube Premium subscription you can download videos directly from the website or from the relevant official apps, and access many other benefits such as off-screen playback on smartphones.