Best iPhone Photography Accessories 2021

Photographing dishes in restaurants, evenings with friends, our animals, a beautiful landscape, etc. These and many others are the most frequent subjects of our shots taken with an iPhone. Since it is no longer necessary to develop photos on very expensive photographic papers, photography is increasingly available to everyone.

iPhone Photography Accessories

With our Smartphones but especially with the latest iPhones, we are able to photograph with levels of detail and capture much more light as if we were using a professional SLR. The quality of the photos taken with an iPhone starting from an iPhone 7 up to the latest iPhone 11 Pro is true of a high level.

But to get the best and to overcome it is necessary to take some small precautions using useful accessories that serve to improve the shot both in brightness and in stabilization.

iPhones always know how to give us a lot of satisfaction, the accessories I will talk about are also excellent gifts to give to an iPhone owner. If you want to take high-quality photos as expert photographers know how to do and maybe upload photos to social profiles Facebook, Instagram, etc…, discover these accessories to improve photos taken by an iPhone.

External LED flash

If the iPhone flash does not fully satisfy you, the best solution is to choose an additional iPhone flash. It is a rather powerful portable lamp, equipped with a battery (autonomous, therefore, it should not be connected from a power socket) and rechargeable via USB, has an autonomy of 300 shots, connects via Bluetooth to the iPhone, and has a light power variable from 150 to 300 Lux.

It is therefore possible to hold the portable lamp for the flash in one hand and your iPhone in the other and take enviable selfies to then share on your social profiles.

Set of lenses for shooting in Macro, Fisheye, and Zoom

Before using them I was very skeptical, I had tried in the past this type of lenses that attach to the iPhone, and the photos taken were distorted or dark. These Olloclip lenses, on the other hand, clip very firmly to the iPhone and the final shot is of good quality. They are good for both front and side cameras.

Gimbal stabilizer for stable images and videos

It is a very nice product that will give you the possibility to take perfectly stabilized photos for sharp images avoiding the problem of blurred images.

Smartphone Gimbals

The best on the market are able to guarantee you three functions. The first is that of stabilizer, but it can also be used as a tripod by hooking it to the special support that is usually included and finally as a real smartphone support. The height is adjustable, so it is suitable for all iPhones on the market without any kind of problem.

USB flash drive

Another iPhone accessory to consider is undoubtedly the external memory for your device. Immediately transferring your photos to a pen drive is essential for those who shoot a lot and do not want to clog up the memory and to free up space on the iPhone.

The USB flash drive attaches to the iPhone’s lightning port and is automatically recognized as an external drive.

Dimmable light ring

The iPhone flash doesn’t always provide enough light to effectively illuminate. This is where the ring light comes in. It is a real giant ring made up of LED bulbs. This tool has several adjustable brightness and color temperature levels. Ideal especially for taking pictures with self-portraits or selfies and also for shooting videos where the main subject is a close-up of a face. Thanks to this light ring you will be able to obtain diffused lighting, illuminate the skin well without creating shadow areas. Also in the pupil, you will notice a circular reflection making the subject more pleasant and soft. It should be powered with a Power Bank, better if powerful, able to guarantee good autonomy.

Using a Power Bank especially for those who use the iPhone to take pictures or video is always recommended because it allows you to increase the battery life of the iPhone until the end of the day.

Disney Plus Hotstar Subscription Plans

Disney Plus Hotstar subscription plans are divided into three categories: premium, VIP, and a free, ad-supported version. The latter offers only basic content such as news, short clips, and some Kid’s content on the app. The hotstar vip subscription, as the name suggests, will be free for all, but you’ll have to bear ads. The VIP and Premium Disney Plus Hotstar packages include access to paid content. The Disney Plus Hotstar plans remain the same across the country, including Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

Disney Plus Hotstar

If you are an existing user of Disney+ Hotstar then there is good news for you. You will get free access to this new Disney+ Hotstar. But if you are a new user and wanting to buy Hotstar Subscription Plans then you will have to get this at an additional cost.

How To Buy Hotstar Subscription Plans

If you’re proud of Disney+ Hotstar Premium vs VIP Subscription Plan then you’ll buy a subscription plan easily. to shop for a subscription plan for Hotstar VIP or Hotstar Premium, you would like to follow these steps.

  • Download Disney+ Hotstar App from Play Store
  • Log in to your account
  • tap on My Account >> choose Plan
  • select monthly or annual subscription plan for Hotstar VIP vs Premium
  • make payment through open-end credit, MasterCard , UPI
  • After successful payment, your Disney+ Hotstar subscription plan is going to be activated.

Best Disney+ Hotstar Yearly Plans

The Disney+ Hotstar VIP and Premium subscription plans are available on an annual basis. The VIP plan is out there for Rs. 399 now while it had been Rs. 365 previously. And, the Disney+ Hotstar Premium subscription plan is priced at Rs. 1,499 per annum. This plan was previously priced at Rs. 999 per annum.

Disney Plus Hotstar: Premium vs VIP Plans

Starting with Hotstar VIP, the lower subscription tier will offer you access to Disney Plus Hotstar’s claim of “seven ‘Multiplex’ blockbusters”, also as all live sports broadcasts. you’ll even be ready to stream Hotstar Specials, which are what the platform’s India originals are classified under. you furthermore may get access to Indian TV shows that are regularly aired on Hotstar. Finally, you furthermore may get access to partner shows, movies, and kids’ content via Disney Plus.

Hotstar Vip Premium

Hotstar Premium, meanwhile, gets the seven blockbuster movies access, also as live sports. It also gets exclusive Hotstar Specials and Indian TV shows. Additionally, you get access to Disney’s original content via Disney Plus alongside its shows, movies, and kids’ content. Hotstar Premium also gives you access to all or any American shows and films that it features in syndication with American distributors like HBO.

Disney Plus Hotstar VIP Free Subscription

Well as I said if you would like to shop for Disney+ Hotstar Premium Subscription then you’ll catch on from Rs 299 per month and Rs 1499 per annum. And at an equivalent time if you would like to shop for Disney Plus Hotstar VIP Subscription Plan then you’ll catch on from Rs 999 per month. Disney Plus Hotstar VIP Subscription Plan is cheaper than Premium Plan but Rs 999 is additionally an excessive amount for a few people. So I even have a trick for you. By using this you’ll get Disney Plus Hotstar VIP Subscription Plan Free for a year. This process available just for a limited time. Below are the steps for Disney+ Hotstar VIP Free Subscription Plans.

How To Promote More Sustainable Mobile Phones

The industry takes a step towards a more sustainable future after the announcement by large groups of European operators, among which is Telefónica, of a new common Eco-Rating seal to inform customers about the environmental impact of the mobiles they buy. And, although this seal had been around for a long time, it has now been updated to offer more detailed and easy-to-understand information.

sustainable mobile phones

In this process, the operators have formed a working group to review how to calculate the environmental impact of mobile phones, also counting on the support of expert entities in product life cycle analysis and informing the European Commission, the GSMA, and mobile phone manufacturers. In addition, the initiative is open to other operators and manufacturers, and in fact, there are already operators, both from Europe and the rest of the world, determined to be part of this initiative.

How will the information be displayed with the Eco Rating Seal?

In addition to the technical information for each phone, a label will be displayed with a score out of 100 and five categories that indicate the environmental performance of the equipment in different aspects. Here there will be no numerical scores, if not bar graphs, and the fuller the bar, the better the phone will perform in that category.

What does each category mean?

Within the Eco Rating Seal label you can find different factors that tell you what each mobile phone is like based on a series of factors:

  • Durability: How does it resist bumps and scratches? Does the battery last long enough? Do you have any additional guarantee than the usual one?
  • Repairability: is it easy to fix if something breaks? Do you have frequent updates?
  • Recyclability: is it easy to separate your components for proper recycling?
  • Climate efficiency: have you tried to minimize greenhouse gas emissions when producing, transporting, and using the phone?
  • Efficient use of resources: using raw materials more efficiently will reduce the environmental impact.

With this initiative, it will be easier to choose phones that are more respectful of the environment and promote the reduction of the ecological impact from its design.

Devices to Improve WiFi Coverage

The good gamer has several battles to deal with to play online in acceptable conditions. What for many may be a good connection, for the gamer there is unacceptable latency and the speed does not reach their standards. And it is that no matter how much bandwidth you hire, all help is little to play online. And WiFi coverage is key. The solution? Complementary devices such as a WiFi repeater or similar.

Improve Your WiFi Router Signal

It is common to access the Internet through the WiFi network. Out of cables. Freedom of movement and being able to place your gaming device wherever you want. Be it a smartphone, a video game console, or a gaming PC. The good thing is that today we have a wide catalog of aids so that your WiFi coverage covers your entire home and you can play in the best conditions.

Let’s see a selection of devices and gadgets for all budgets designed for the home and professional environment and that will take advantage, as far as possible, of the WiFi coverage offered by your router. All help is little when it comes to getting the most bandwidth.

A router for gamers

Let’s start with the origin of everything. When you hire Internet you get a router that offers you WiFi access. Depending on the model, it has external or internal antennas. That and different versions of the WiFi protocol, depending on the age or newness of the router.

Best Wi-Fi extenders

However, there are routers on the market for specific activities. And the routers for gamers are a clear example. As soon as you see them you realize the difference with a standard router. The first thing that stands out in gaming routers is that they have several large outdoor antennas, between four and eight, depending on the model.

Are you forced to play online with a gaming router? Not necessarily. Like everything, if something works, leave it. The default router that we have at home, like the one offered by Movistar, more than meets most of the needs you may have. And you can always improve its performance.

Be that as it may, even if you buy a gaming router, you will still need your Internet provider’s router, since it acts as an intermediary between the optical fiber and the devices you want to connect to the network. Depending on the model, you can connect it directly via Ethernet or use it as a wireless access point.

Another advantage of supporting your Movistar Router with a router for gamers is that you can incorporate the most recent version of WiFi, WiFi 6, faster and more efficiently. Also, the WiFi coverage will be better than with previous versions.

A more powerful antenna for your connected device

Linking with the previous point. The router, which transmits the WiFi coverage signal, is just as important as the device to be connected. That is, depending on the age of your device (PC, smartphone, console, tablet, TV), it will be compatible with a more or less recent version of the WiFi protocol.

Today, virtually any device has WiFi access. But it can be improved. How? With a WiFi antenna that we can connect directly via USB. You will get better WiFi coverage using the latest protocol and you will gain in speed and quality while playing online.

There are antennas for all tastes and budgets. They are usually for PCs, so if we want to use them with a smartphone or video game console, we should use the computer as a WiFi access point and connect the devices to each other.

A WiFi signal repeater or amplifier

If we talk about devices to improve WiFi coverage, the first candidates are usually always WiFi signal repeaters or amplifiers. These are devices that act as intermediaries between your router and your devices to connect.

Improve WiFi Range

Although technically these are two different devices, these days they are often confused because they both have the same functions. That is, take the router’s WiFi connection and repeat it beyond its coverage area.

Movistar, for example, has its Smart WiFi Amplifier. You can install it yourself, with or without cables. Like the Movistar Router, it allows you to create two differentiated WiFi networks. One of 2.4 GHz and another of 5 GHz. The first has more range, while the second is faster.

A mesh or mesh WiFi system

In case you need to extend WiFi coverage to your entire home, without leaving a single corner blind, you may like the idea of ​​Mesh WiFi or Mesh WiFi. Technically it is an evolution of the classic WiFi repeaters. Although they actually go further, since they are not limited to repeating the WiFi signal.

A mesh WiFi system or WiFi Mesh in English consists of a set of strategically extended devices. From a central device, connected to the router, the rest of the devices receive the signal and extend the WiFi coverage thanks to the fact that they act as an access point. All this without cables.

Free Online Photoshop Editor

Thanks to increasingly high-performance browsers and PCs with good computing power, we can use some Web-based software thanks to the use of web applications. Programs such as Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint online can also be used online, without the need to install any software on the PC / Mac. Let’s find out how it is also possible to use Photoshop, one of the most popular editors software.

Free Online Photoshop Editor

Taking the best possible photo is always the goal of anyone who is about to immortalize a moment, which can be a birthday, a wedding, a meeting with old friends, a dinner with your or your partner, a breathtaking view, and much more. yet.

However, it may happen that the photo is just taken does not fully satisfy, either for an unwelcome presence, for one particular too many or perhaps simply for an annoying blur. But that’s not all, as photography enthusiasts often choose to edit their photos to enhance them to the maximum, highlighting details that make the shot even more fascinating.

In these cases, the programs that allow you to edit photos, better known as photo editors, are very useful, tools that allow you to intervene on images to modify and improve them.

Photoshop, the best photo editor: 30 years of history

When it comes to editing a photo, the first name that comes to mind is obviously Photoshop, considered by experts in the sector and also by users to be the best photo editor around. On the other hand, you should know that Photoshop can benefit from over thirty years of experience in the field: the first version dates back to February 19, 1990, when the brothers Thomas and John Knoll decided to create a program that would make their father’s job easier. , who worked as a photographer.

Thus begins the story of this extraordinary program, which has managed to conquer millions and millions of people in these three decades, not only thanks to the opportunity to edit images with always very high quality but also due to the presence of a series of filters and tools that encourage the creativity of each user (and yours too).

How do you use Photoshop? A short guide to using the program

Photoshop is a raster graphics program, that is a tool that allows you to act directly on the pixels to remove image imperfections, change the various colors, use filters, and above all work on images on multiple levels, so as to overlay images or insert text: this is probably the feature that makes Photoshop so “special”.

Adobe Photoshop

With Photoshop, as mentioned, you can have access to a series of functions that allow you to modify an image in the way you prefer. For example, in the “Image Size” window you can increase or decrease the pixel dimensions of a given photo (both in width and height), as well as its resolution.

If, on the other hand, your goal is to merge two photos into one, you can take advantage of the Automatic Alignment or the Automatic Blending; in the first case, you will be able to align two images with similar content, while with the Automatic Merge you can create a panoramic image by actually merging two photos with overlapping content.

But the operation that you may find yourself carrying out more often is precisely the elimination of a detail that you really do not like, or perhaps of writing. Just go to the File menu, click on the Open item and choose the photo on which to edit the imperfection. With “Spot Healing Brush”, which you will easily find in the toolbar located on the left side of the interface, you can select the parts to be erased on the image: Photoshop will intervene, replacing the clicked area with the surrounding colors or elements.

And if your goal is to straighten or crop an image, the “Crop” tool will be right for you, while with the Filters menu you can give your photos the effects you like best: for example, with Artistic you can turn your image into a painting, while with Distortion you can have fun changing its appearance, deforming it.

Photoshop can also be used as a free trial

The cost of Photoshop is 24.39 euros per month for PC and iPad. Yes, this tool is not free, as you might think: it is professional software, and to be able to use it freely you need a regular license, which must therefore be purchased.

However, if you are interested, you can also have a totally free trial period, lasting 7 days. This week you can test all the features of Photoshop, learning its resources and secrets, in order to understand if the software is really for you.

At the end of these seven days, you can then decide whether to keep Photoshop by paying the monthly subscription or whether to end your experience with the photo editing solution here, since there is no renewal obligation. You just have to remember to cancel just before the deadline, otherwise, the renewal will start automatically.