How to Close All Open Apps on Mac with a Single Click

We will all agree that Apple’s computers, both laptops, and desktops, are the best in terms of anything in the environment and work environment, whether due to fluidity, effectiveness, and fewer problems than the competition when it comes to working.

Close All Open Apps on Mac

As many of us use macOS throughout the day for the aforementioned, we are leaving many windows and applications in the background open that consume resources, but today we are going to teach you a trick to close all your apps in a single click in addition to the ones you we have given on another occasion.

Going one by one is over

As the title says, today we are going to “make” a program, so to speak, native, since nothing has to be installed, which will allow us to close everything in a second without having to do it manually. Thanks to our colleagues from HowToGeek, we can teach you this simple tutorial so that you can also apply it on your own Mac, we also leave you here other methods that may interest you.

To begin we will have to find and open the “Automator” program, we can do it in a conventional way or we can also press: Command + space bar to open the menu where it will appear.

Once inside we click on the top bar where it says “File”, then and within the same box that displays we will continue with “New”, we can also activate this by pressing Command + N.

close all open apps on your Mac with one click

Again we will see a window that will say “choose a type for your document”, we click on “Application” and then click on the bottom right. When we have done this, the main Automator application will open and in the upper left corner we will select “Actions”, then we will click where it says “Actions” once more and we will click “Remove all applications”

Now we can configure this new extension that we have created semi-natively, by calling it in some way. Giving it once more in “Remove all applications” in the right section of the Automator window, we activate where it says “ask to save changes” if we want that when using this new tool it warns us of the type in case we forget to finish something, save it and so on.

We can also add in another section called “Do not close” those programs that we want to add to the filter so that, even if we click the magic click afterward, they do not go away with the others and remain open, we will do this by clicking the “Add” button.

When we have finished choosing all the apps and we are done, we return to the top bar where it says “File” and we click “Save …”, in the pop-up window that appears, we will click on “save as “and we will put the name that we want to the tool in question. Then we click “save” again and we will have our new application on the desktop to use whenever we want. This is just another “hidden” function that macOS has, here are some more.

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