How to Enter Safe Mode on Windows 10

Windows 10 is the most popular desktop operating system in the world; in fact, there are millions of computers on which this system is installed, and it is difficult that at least once in your life you have never had to deal with the made in Microsoft product.
However, over the years there are many users who have had unpleasant experiences related to bugs and malfunctions, even in the latest version.

Enter Safe Mode on Windows 10

In a recent article we saw how to reset Windows 10 password, but sometimes to solve a startup problem you don’t necessarily have to resort to such extreme situations.

Entering Safe Mode on Windows 10 will allow you to solve some problems on your PC without following drastic and invasive procedures.

Windows 10 Safe Mode: What it is and How to Access

The safe mode present on Windows systems is nothing more than a part of the operating system dedicated to the basic use of the machine, just enough to carry out useful procedures for troubleshooting.

In fact, if you have problems following the installation of particular programs or drivers, this mode could help solve several headaches: no less important is the fact that it is a lifeline before proceeding with the recovery or reset of Windows. 10.

To enter Windows 10 Safe Mode just follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the Settings by typing the wording in the search bar at the bottom left;
  • Go to the Update and Security / Restore path ;
  • Under Advanced startup, select Restart now ;
  • Once the PC has restarted, choose the items Troubleshoot / Advanced options / Startup settings / Restart ;
  • After this second restart, you will be able to access the safe mode (even with network and therefore internet access), through the keys that will be suggested to you.

Safe mode before logging into Windows

There may be cases where there is a need to enter Safe Mode before actually logging into the system; in fact, if the latter is so compromised as to be unusable, then you just have to follow the next steps.

Boot into Safe Mode from the login screen

Start Windows 10 in Safe Mode

  • Hold down the SHIFT key and go to Power / Restart ;
  • Once your PC has restarted, choose the following items: Troubleshoot / Advanced Options / Startup Settings / Restart ;
  • At that point, after the second reboot, you can enter Safe Mode by following the on-screen instructions.

Boot into Safe Mode from BIOS

To enter Windows Safe Mode from the BIOS, you do not need to follow any particular procedure; In fact, Windows 10 has implemented a function according to which if the system does not start several times in a row (usually two), it will start the automatic recovery mode.
At that point, a series of checks will be carried out on the system, and at the end of these, you can go to safe mode, not before clicking on Advanced Options / Troubleshooting.

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