How To Promote More Sustainable Mobile Phones

The industry takes a step towards a more sustainable future after the announcement by large groups of European operators, among which is Telefónica, of a new common Eco-Rating seal to inform customers about the environmental impact of the mobiles they buy. And, although this seal had been around for a long time, it has now been updated to offer more detailed and easy-to-understand information.

sustainable mobile phones

In this process, the operators have formed a working group to review how to calculate the environmental impact of mobile phones, also counting on the support of expert entities in product life cycle analysis and informing the European Commission, the GSMA, and mobile phone manufacturers. In addition, the initiative is open to other operators and manufacturers, and in fact, there are already operators, both from Europe and the rest of the world, determined to be part of this initiative.

How will the information be displayed with the Eco Rating Seal?

In addition to the technical information for each phone, a label will be displayed with a score out of 100 and five categories that indicate the environmental performance of the equipment in different aspects. Here there will be no numerical scores, if not bar graphs, and the fuller the bar, the better the phone will perform in that category.

What does each category mean?

Within the Eco Rating Seal label you can find different factors that tell you what each mobile phone is like based on a series of factors:

  • Durability: How does it resist bumps and scratches? Does the battery last long enough? Do you have any additional guarantee than the usual one?
  • Repairability: is it easy to fix if something breaks? Do you have frequent updates?
  • Recyclability: is it easy to separate your components for proper recycling?
  • Climate efficiency: have you tried to minimize greenhouse gas emissions when producing, transporting, and using the phone?
  • Efficient use of resources: using raw materials more efficiently will reduce the environmental impact.

With this initiative, it will be easier to choose phones that are more respectful of the environment and promote the reduction of the ecological impact from its design.

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