Best iPhone Photography Accessories 2021

Photographing dishes in restaurants, evenings with friends, our animals, a beautiful landscape, etc. These and many others are the most frequent subjects of our shots taken with an iPhone. Since it is no longer necessary to develop photos on very expensive photographic papers, photography is increasingly available to everyone.

iPhone Photography Accessories

With our Smartphones but especially with the latest iPhones, we are able to photograph with levels of detail and capture much more light as if we were using a professional SLR. The quality of the photos taken with an iPhone starting from an iPhone 7 up to the latest iPhone 11 Pro is true of a high level.

But to get the best and to overcome it is necessary to take some small precautions using useful accessories that serve to improve the shot both in brightness and in stabilization.

iPhones always know how to give us a lot of satisfaction, the accessories I will talk about are also excellent gifts to give to an iPhone owner. If you want to take high-quality photos as expert photographers know how to do and maybe upload photos to social profiles Facebook, Instagram, etc…, discover these accessories to improve photos taken by an iPhone.

External LED flash

If the iPhone flash does not fully satisfy you, the best solution is to choose an additional iPhone flash. It is a rather powerful portable lamp, equipped with a battery (autonomous, therefore, it should not be connected from a power socket) and rechargeable via USB, has an autonomy of 300 shots, connects via Bluetooth to the iPhone, and has a light power variable from 150 to 300 Lux.

It is therefore possible to hold the portable lamp for the flash in one hand and your iPhone in the other and take enviable selfies to then share on your social profiles.

Set of lenses for shooting in Macro, Fisheye, and Zoom

Before using them I was very skeptical, I had tried in the past this type of lenses that attach to the iPhone, and the photos taken were distorted or dark. These Olloclip lenses, on the other hand, clip very firmly to the iPhone and the final shot is of good quality. They are good for both front and side cameras.

Gimbal stabilizer for stable images and videos

It is a very nice product that will give you the possibility to take perfectly stabilized photos for sharp images avoiding the problem of blurred images.

Smartphone Gimbals

The best on the market are able to guarantee you three functions. The first is that of stabilizer, but it can also be used as a tripod by hooking it to the special support that is usually included and finally as a real smartphone support. The height is adjustable, so it is suitable for all iPhones on the market without any kind of problem.

USB flash drive

Another iPhone accessory to consider is undoubtedly the external memory for your device. Immediately transferring your photos to a pen drive is essential for those who shoot a lot and do not want to clog up the memory and to free up space on the iPhone.

The USB flash drive attaches to the iPhone’s lightning port and is automatically recognized as an external drive.

Dimmable light ring

The iPhone flash doesn’t always provide enough light to effectively illuminate. This is where the ring light comes in. It is a real giant ring made up of LED bulbs. This tool has several adjustable brightness and color temperature levels. Ideal especially for taking pictures with self-portraits or selfies and also for shooting videos where the main subject is a close-up of a face. Thanks to this light ring you will be able to obtain diffused lighting, illuminate the skin well without creating shadow areas. Also in the pupil, you will notice a circular reflection making the subject more pleasant and soft. It should be powered with a Power Bank, better if powerful, able to guarantee good autonomy.

Using a Power Bank especially for those who use the iPhone to take pictures or video is always recommended because it allows you to increase the battery life of the iPhone until the end of the day.