GreatPeople.Me Login to Kroger Employee Portal from Kroger offers all the data identified with their work. is a site related to Kroger inc for its workers to find out about what’s going on at the organization. Every one of the partners of Kroger can have their entrance to this site to think about the work news and updates at Kroger.

Mainly, Kroger utilizes the most recent item express hr to deal with their enrolling work process framework for its representatives. Express and greatpeople are two distinct gateways uncommonly devoted to its partners. In express hr entry, individuals can enroll for any positions at Kroger while at greatpeople entryway it’s extraordinary.

GreatPeople.Me Kroger Employee Portal

There are many features, information, and tools on the GreatPeople.Me employee portal. Users can also experience easy procedures to access their important information regarding the company they work for. The portal of GreatPeople.Me have many features including:

  • Work schedule for associates.
  • Work schedule for every employee.
  • Marketing information that is being offered by Kroger company.
  • Benefits and perks of every job in the Kroger Company.
  • Employee’s benefits and perks, including insurance.
  • Employee’s personal information and account details.
  • Employee email of Kroger team members.
  • Working hours and shift schedules.
  • Detailed compensation for every employee.
  • The emergency contacts of employees.
  • Employee’s text documents.
  • Employee’s banking information.
  • Kroger employees account for payroll.

The portal of GreatPeople.Me is a secure website that can be accessed by employees of Kroger as well as the employees of the company’s subsidiaries. The subsidiaries include Fred Meyer, Dillions, Harris Teeter, Food 4 less, City Market, and many more. Every employee of those brands will be able to use the portal to check their accounts.

GreatPeople.Me Login Step By Step Guide

Follow the below mentioned step-by-step process to login to your Kroger Account successfully.


  • First of all, visit the GreatPeopleMe login official website
  • Now, please enter the Enterprise User ID and Password in the provided empty text field.
  • After that, please click on the “Sign In” button.
  • You will enter your account successfully.
  • Now, you can access all the features available for you.

Benefits of GreatPeople.Me Login

Check out the Kroger Login benefits:

  • Employees can get the most current reports about business news.
  • Last, however, not least, Kroger Employees may stay fully informed about the most current organization proposes.
  • Get an update on the most current organizational events.
  • You can see the calendar.
  • They can likewise edit their account settings. It will be perfect if you protect the User ID and Password as you are not allowed to impart your login Credentials to any third individual.