How to Download YouTube Videos For Free

Among the most viewed content these days on our devices, there are certain videos. Thanks also to platforms designed ad-hoc for the use of films and music videos, the boom in sharing clips of all kinds is now a well-established reality.

Download YouTube Videos For Free

One of the most popular services in this sense is certainly YouTube, the famous video sharing portal acquired by Google a few years ago. It is one of the most popular online because it is easy to use but also because it allows those who upload videos online to make money with YouTube.

Sometimes it can be useful to download music from YouTube or movies, although the service does not allow it directly (and at least not for free) to sing Karaoke with YouTube in the absence of an internet connection. Or to download a video so dear to us to review it directly from the smartphone photo library.

How to download YouTube videos to MP4 for free without using programs

One of the easiest and fastest ways to download videos from YouTube is to use an MP4 Converter present in one of the many free YouTube converters present online; it is a particularly recommended solution for those who do not want to further occupy the memory of their devices. Using a YouTube to MP4 video file converter it will be possible to download the video file directly to your device. With some of these services, it will also be possible to download videos from Facebook.

Download Videos from YouTube

So here are the best sites to download YouTube videos.

tube: it is one of the best online services to download videos from YouTube. The operation is really simple; just paste the video URL and choose the format.
Finally, click on OK, wait for the process to be completed, and finally select the Download item.
Loader. to: is a site that allows you to download videos from the internet from various platforms around the web. Loader. to is free and requires no registration.
The use is similar to what we saw for nanotube: just copy the URL of the video you are interested in (corresponding to the link in the address bar) and paste it on the Loader. to homepage; then you just have to choose between different extensions available (eg. MP4, WEBM also in 4K and 8K) and click on Download.

Finally, wait for the video to be processed and click on Download again. As you can count, with this tool it is also possible to download music using the integrated MP3 Converter.

Using YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a service developed by Google itself, although it is not a free feature (but you can test it for free for a limited time using the free trial ).
In fact, by subscribing to the YouTube Premium subscription you can download videos directly from the website or from the relevant official apps, and access many other benefits such as off-screen playback on smartphones.